Description of Bronz


About Bronze

  • For several hundred years, Bronze has been utilized for different purposes.

  • Bronze is an ornamental metal; it is also collected as an investment metal, similar to silver.

  • Bronze utensils add beauty to the home and kitchen. It has been used by kings as serving utensils. Following the trend rich people use Bronze utensils to add royal look to their home and kitchen.

  • Bronze utensils are regarded as a valuable gift for different occasions like marriage gift, anniversary gift, job promotion, birthday gift, new house ceremony, etc.

  • * Traditionally Bronze utensils are used for their medicinal values. Bronze utensils preserve the nutritional value and taste of the food or water. It is known traditionally in Ayurveda that consumption of trace amounts of Bronze can decrease night blindness and keeps gut healthy.

  • * Unlike Brass (Copper Zinc), Bronze is highly stable and resistant to corrosion. Zinc from the Brass utensils can react with food and water and may also result in food poisoning. Hence, Brass utensils need a thin coating of Tin to protect Zinc from reacting to food, water and environment. Usually this coating is capable of wearing out with time, making Brass look bad and practically non usable.

  • It is also to be noted that utensils molded from sheet metal Bronze are better in terms of quality and longevity, compared to the commonly available cast metal.

  • Whenever you buy Bronze utensils, always ask for guarantee of the Bronze purity

  • Precautions: Bronze is a stable metal, but to increase the life of the utensil, we do not recommend the direct heating of the utensils on fire or oven. Never autoclave any kind of metal.